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Archie Manning Likes Pascal’s Manale

In this New York Times article, Archie Manning discusses all the things he loves about New Orleans including Pascal’s Manale.

“It wasn’t like people ever go to bed early around here,” Archie said laughing, and it did not take long for him and Olivia to fall in love with the overflowing options for art and music and the sort of food that makes the back of your tongue tingle. Near the top of their list was the barbecue shrimp at Pascal’s Manale restaurant, and the Mannings would gladly wait the 90 minutes it often took to get in there.


“Except on Sunday night,” Archie said. “On Sunday night, after games, we got right in. On Wednesday, we waited like everyone else.”

Read the full article here. And then view the entrance with Manning’s photo.

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